E-glass chopped strands for PP PA polymers hot selling

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Chopped Stands for Thermoplastic are based on silane coupling agent and special sizing formulation, compatible with PA,PBT/PET,PP, AS/ABS, PC, PPS/PPO,POM, LCP; E-Glass Chopped Stands for thermoplastic are know for excellent strand integrity, superior flowability and processing property, delivering excellent mechanical property and high surface quality to its finished product.

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PP短切丝_01 PP短切丝_02 PP短切丝_03 PP短切丝_04 PP短切丝_05 PP短切丝_06 PP短切丝_07 PP短切丝_08 PP短切丝_09 PP短切丝_10 PP短切丝_11 PP短切丝_12

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