The global carbon fiber prepreg market will see a significant growth

With the increasing demand for lightweight components with more durability and fuel efficiency in the aerospace and automotive industries, the global carbon fiber prepreg market is expected to usher in rapid growth. Carbon fiber prepreg is widely used in many industrial fields because of its high specific strength, specific stiffness and excellent fatigue resistance.

The use of carbon fiber prepreg can greatly reduce the overall weight of the vehicle without affecting the strength, which can improve the fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicle. With the increasingly stringent carbon emission standards and the increasing demand for energy-saving vehicles in the market, automobile manufacturers are gradually increasing the application proportion of carbon fiber prepreg in their product portfolio.

With the continuous growth of automobile production, the demand for carbon fiber prepreg is likely to rise sharply. According to the data of the international organization of automobile manufacturers, China produced nearly 77.62 million commercial and passenger vehicles in 2020. According to the latest industry report of global market insight, the global carbon fiber prepreg market is expected to grow significantly by 2027.

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Carbon fiber prepreg has broad application prospects in aerospace industry. Aircraft manufacturers are increasing the use of carbon fiber prepregs for aircraft manufacturing to minimize aircraft weight, increase fuel mileage and provide customers with safer air transportation services. In addition, carbon fiber prepreg is also used in sports goods, racing cars, pressure vessels and other fields. The demand for high-strength lightweight materials in these applications has been increasing. Especially in the field of racing, including bicycles and cars, they have been pursuing lightweight, so as to enhance their speed and stability on the track. At the same time, various sporting goods manufacturers are also emphasizing the use of carbon fiber to provide customers with better products and open up more ways of business growth.

With the increasing application of carbon fiber prepreg in wind turbine blades, its industry share in the field of wind power is expected to grow strongly in the next few years. Carbon fiber prepregs can provide high tensile and compressive strength, making them the preferred material for the latest generation of wind turbines.

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In addition, carbon fiber prepreg can also provide a series of cost and performance advantages for the wind power industry. According to Sandia National Laboratory, wind power blades made of carbon fiber composites are 25% lighter than those made of glass fiber composites. This means that carbon fiber wind turbine blades can be much longer than those made of glass fiber. Therefore, in the previous low wind speed areas, wind turbines can also effectively use more energy.

In developed countries, renewable power generation is growing rapidly. According to the data of the U.S. Department of energy, wind power is the second largest source of power generation in the United States, with an installed capacity of 105.6 GW in 2019. With carbon fiber wind turbine blades becoming the industry standard, the use of carbon fiber prepreg materials is expected to jump sharply.

It is expected that the market of carbon fiber prepreg in North America will occupy a considerable share in the global market, especially the growing demand of the automotive and aerospace industries in the region. China head vehicle factory is focusing on using lightweight materials in vehicles to improve fuel efficiency. The increasing popularity of electric vehicles and consumers’ preference for air travel are some of the more significant factors driving the growth of the Chinese market.

Post time: Mar-26-2022