Application of Glass Fiber Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (GMT) in Automobiles

Glass mat reinforced thermoplastic ( referred to as GMT) composite material refers to a novel, energy-saving and lightweight composite material with thermoplastic resin as matrix and glass fiber mat as reinforced skeleton; GMT has complex design functions, and Excellent impact resistance, while being easy to assemble and rework, generally produces semi-finished sheet material, which can then be directly processed into the desired shape.

一、The advantages of GMT materials

1. Higher strength

The strength of GMT is similar to that of hand lay-up polyester FRP products, its density is 1.01-1.19g/cm, and it is smaller than thermosetting FRP (1.8-2.0g/cm), so it has higher strength.

2. High rigidity

The GMT contains GF fabric so it retains its shape even with a 10mph impact crash.

3. Lightweight and energy saving

The weight of the car door made of GMT material can be reduced from 26Kg to 15Kg, and the thickness of the back can be reduced, so that the space of the car can be increased, and the energy consumption is only 60%-80% of the steel product and 35%-50% of the aluminum product.

4. Impact performance

The ability of GMT to absorb shock is 2.5-3 times higher than that of SMC. Under the action of impact force, dents or cracks appear in SMC, steel and aluminum, but GMT is safe. It has the advantages of recycling and long storage period.

二、The application of GMT materials in the automotive field

The GMT sheet has high strength and can be made into lightweight parts, and at the same time has a high degree of design freedom, strong impact energy absorption, and good processing performance. The market for GMT materials for the automotive industry will continue to grow steadily as the requirements for fuel economy, recyclability and ease of processing continue to increase.

At present, GMT materials are widely used in the automotive industry, mainly including seat frames, bumpers, dashboards, hoods, battery brackets, foot pedals, front ends, floors, fenders, rear doors, roofs, luggage Brackets, sun visors, spare tire racks, etc.